Why I’m such a bad blogger

When I started this blog last fall, I set myself a goal of one new post a week, which I managed to maintain until the end of January.  Since then I’ve published exactly four posts, counting this one.

I realize most dedicated bloggers post far more frequently, even daily.  My friend Andrew Stein somehow blasts out four or five posts a week—at Steinvox.com—each densely filled with more analysis and observation than I’m likely to achieve in a year.  My friend and champion Carol Keene posts an original painting every damn day—at carolkeene.blogspot.com—any of which can knock your socks off with their mood, technique or sheer beauty.

Kauzu-Logo-300x210I’m clearly a bit short on the dedication side.

But I have another excuse for my pitiful production, and I can sum it up in one word: Kauzu.

I ran into Mitch Schneider at the Business Network Chicago VC meeting in December.  He told me about his idea for Kauzu, a new kind of job search tool.  I said, “Well, I’m out of work.  Sounds interesting.”

A few weeks later I accompanied a Kauzu team to Kansas City to assist them with the presentation I’d helped create for the Gigabit Challenge.  When they—we—won a $250,000 award from Gramercy Private Equity, it occurred to me I may have stumbled into something beyond an interesting idea.

Fast forward to the present.  Kauzu is a dozen or so people crammed into half an office (not all at the same time, thank you) at Ravenswood and Foster, flogging ourselves and everyone we went to college with to get our first product launched by the end of the month.  We have broken most of the conventional rules for start-ups and some that haven’t even been written yet.  Data has been lost.  Ideas have been crushed.  Dry-erase markers have been bled dry.  Tears have been shed.

I am having the time of my life.

Kauzu is dedicated to transforming how jobseekers and employers connect, but I’ve already been transformed.  So I’m a pathetic blogger.  I’m working my ass off for a start-up that didn’t exist six months ago, and I feel like I’m 25 again.

5 thoughts on “Why I’m such a bad blogger

  1. Jeff,

    You may not blog often enough but you blog “GOOD”. I totally agree with Andrew Stein; job well done.

    If Kauzu makes you feel like 25 again I want to work there.

  2. I thought this was an OUTSTANDING blog post. In terms of spontaneity, topic, content, message and holding the reader’s interest. What more could anyone want!

    No reason at all that you can’t keep it up – the daily grind of 60 hours a week should provide oodles of fodder to write about and wow your readers!

    As that great philosopher Nike once said: ” Just do it ! “

  3. Think about it, less is more! If it were easy everyone would do it. I have managed to write at least 1x a month, yes a month, for my syndicated column Techlife since 2005. I have often thought about what you state, and said…I’m not a full time columnist. Knowing your boundaries is great. Here’s to the 1x a month club. Keep it up.

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