What kind of title is that?

Back in my trading days, I used to keep CNBC on throughout the day. Sometimes I paid attention, but mostly it was just background noise.

One day, in the minutes leading up to an announcement from the Federal Reserve, a reporter assessed the anticipatory mood of the traders in some bond pit by saying, “We’re not expecting any surprises.”

I don’t know why I even noticed—I’d probably heard the same phrase a dozen times. But for some reason, at that particular moment, it struck me as the most profoundly absurd thing I’d ever heard.

They’re not expecting any surprises? Well, how can they expect a surprise? Anything they’re expecting won’t be a surprise. And if there is a surprise, it will by definition be something they weren’t expecting.

Hilarious, right?

Okay, maybe not. But this isn’t going to be a humor blog. At least, not intentionally. And it’s not going to be a stock market blog, although the world certainly needs a few more of those. And it’s not going to be an entrepreneurial blog, even though that’s where I’ve focused my new career.

No, if there’s any unifying theme to this blog, it’s simply: things that occurred to me that would probably never occur to anyone else.

Like the absurdity of “We’re not expecting any surprises.”

Although I hope, if you follow this blog, you’ll come to expect a few from me.

5 thoughts on “What kind of title is that?

  1. But isn’t that what you want when you’re expecting – no surprises? Wait, I think I just read that in a maternity blog. Never mind.

  2. Since I definitely expect surprises (I have expectations, too), I think I’ve come to the right place. Write on, Jeff!

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